Join the LowLands ThrowDown 2012

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Hello my CrossFit athletes, (horrible english! I know, sorry)

The 3rd annual LowLands ThrowDown (LLTD) is coming. And I hope everybody of MobilisCrossFit (MCF) wants to join.
BUT!!! There is limited space @MobilisCrossFit so be fast if you want to join.

What is the LLTD?
This is a CrossFit competition divided in 2 days. One day is a Qualifying Day (29th of september) held at all the affiliates and one day is the Final Day (14th of october) held at Hoenderdaal (that’s gonna be a BLAST).

Because CrossFit is getting bigger and bigger the LLTD is divided in 2 days.

How does it work?
The qualifier event consists of three workouts in the short to medium time domains, all to be completed in one day. The set day for the qualifier event is Saturday the 29th of september. When you set up a profile and register for the event, you will be able to select an affiliate where you want to complete the qualifier event. Remember, there are limited spots available at the different affiliates, and we work on a first come, first serve basis. Unpaid registration do not reserve a spot. If you’re not able to compete at the affiliate of your first choice, pick another one!

People outside the Benelux (e.g. France, Germany, Denmark) are very welcome to join in. However, they must also attend the qualifier event in person at one of the available affiliates. This competition is hosted and organised by several affiliates from the Benelux, and we welcome you to get a taste of the community down here!

The cost for the event is € 15,00. This money will buy you:

• The right to join in during the qualifier event;

• Free admission to the final event (as a spectator);

• And 50% discount on the event t-shirt;

The top 100 athletes going to the final event will pay an additional €15,- later on.

Mobilis CrossFit wants to make this Qualifying Day to a inspiring fun day.
We’ll end this day with an AFTER PARTY. We’ll have music, food, beer, wine everything!!!

Check out our CrossFit community @MobilisCrossFit. Everybody can join this After Party. We’ll only ask €15,- per person for the after party. With this you buy food from the buffet, beer, wine, different soda’s.

If you want to join us with the after party reply me so we know how many people to expect.

So, in plain language:
Step 1: Read what you suppose to do so can join the competition.
Step 2: This is also a link to register.
Step 3: Create your profile. Don’t forget to choose the right affiliate. You are training @MobilisCrossFit ;-P
Step 4: Reply me if you want to join the after party at the end of the qualifying day.

Soon all the information will be on our website.
You can also stay updated by FaceBook. ‘Like’ MobilisCrossFit and ‘Like’ LowLands ThrowDown. Or by Twitter.

3, 2, 1 GO!!!