Mobilis CrossFit Nieuwsbrief 2014 #2

In NewsX by Dave

Hello you Mobilis CrossFit athlete

We have 3 announchements:
  1. Registration for WOD’s
  2. WOD’s during holidays
  3. Sunday will change

1. Registration for the WOD’s
Dave and Bas here, listen carefully:
The last few weeks we received a lot of email of Mobilis CrossFit athletes with questions like; ‘Hi Dave, can I still join the WOD today from … till … because the whole week the website tells me it’s full’.
So, we were putting these CrossFit athletes extra on our list. Sometimes up to 15/16 athletes. And what happens (and last thursday was really epic… Only 8 CrossFitters showed up instead of 15)…. You guys and girls are also cancelling like CRAZY on the last day/last hours. And we were not posting a 10 km run or so. This happens way to often.

We ASK you athletes, very polite, to be very very very social for eachother with these spots. What we mean is, register yourself for a WOD when you ARE going to participate that WOD.
DO NOT register if you are NOT SURE that you will participate that WOD.
DEFINITLY don’t register yourself for a lot of WOD’s the next 10 days and think: ‘Well, I’m gonna register myself 6 times so I’ve got those spots and I’ll check out on the day if I’ll make it or not, the hell with everybody else’.

NO NO NO that’s not legit.

If this doesn’t change we will be forced to take new registration rules. That could be something like:

  • register time 2 days in advanged instead of 10
  • deregistration time 3 hours in advanced of the WOD
  • too late with the deregistration = penalty

We were already checking the registrations the last few weeks and we will conitinue the next month.

Do not test us. We will give you guys penaties. And speaking about penalties. You all can give us ideas what kind of penalties we should make for your fellow CrossFit athlete who are screwing around with there spots (because you are probably not screwing around with your spot right? Huhum…)

To be continued …

2. When to WOD and NOT to WOD during our Dutch Holidays

  • 1ste Paasdag/1st Easter day 20.04.2014 > no WOD
  • 2de Paasdag/2nd Easter day 21.04.2014 > WOD from 10:00 – 11:00
  • Koningsdag/Kingsday, saturday 26.04.2014 > no WOD
  • 1ste Pinksterdag/Whitsunday 08.06.2014 > no WOD
  • 2de Pinksterdag/Whitmonday 09.06.2014 > WOD from 10:00 – 11:00

3. Timetable on Sunday will change
There is going to be change in our regular WOD scedule on Sunday. From the 14th of April all the WOD’s on Sunday (first Sunday is the 27th of April) will start a half hour earlier.

  • 09:30 till 10:30 Mobility WOD (MWOD)
  • 10:30 till 11:30 Regular WOD
  • 11:30 till 12:30 Regular WOD

You folks now will have time to change yourself or take a drink after the last WOD.

We love you all. 3, 2, 1 GO!!!