WOD | 25.03.2017

AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
3 rounds of
20/15 calorie Row
10 Front Squats 80/55kg

EMOM (Every minute On the Minute)
for 15′ of
2 Snatches @ around 50% of your 1RM
*Work on speed and the landing position. Hold the landing position for 3″ seconds. That’s a reason why you “only” have to do 2 reps every minute. It’s a no-rep if you step forward or backward when you land. If 50% doesn’t make you go fast or steady? Use less weight

EMOM (Every minute On the Minute)
for 15′ of
3 C&J @ 30%-50% of your 1RM
*Goal > Same as snatch.

Note: Yes you are allowed to increase or decrease the weight. Stay around the 50%. Focus on SPEED and the LANDING POSITION.