Making rowing a little bit more fun: LiveRowing

In NewsX by SabineWeijers

Think those fancy rowers at Amstel can only show you meters and calories on the display? Well, they can do a lot more!
The monitors actually have a bluetooth option, and here’s how you can put it to use and even have a little fun with it.


LiveRowing is an app for (currently only) iPhone, that allows you to connect your performance on the Concept 2 rower with literally thousands of people all over the world, but also to your Mobilis buddies.
After you connect, the LiveRowing app takes over the monitor, and you create your own workout, join a challenge, or follow a training program.

How to connect?

Of course make sure you first install the app and create an account (it’s free) Make sure your bluetooth is on. Next, on the rowing monitor, once it’s powered on, select “more options” and then “turn wireless on The connections will automatically be made and you’re all set!

More info?

Check out the LiveRowing website or Instagram page.