Benchmark Blog: Holleyman

In NewsX by SabineWeijers

Holleyman is named after U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Holleyman, more info on him you can find here.
The workout is a task-priority workout:

AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
30 rounds
5 wall balls 10/6 kg
3 Handstand Push-ups
1 Power Clean 102/70 kg

How to approach
First off, this is a long workout, 30 rounds isn’t something to go into with full effort straight away. You’ll chip away the rounds steadily, keeping enough gas in the tank for those final rounds.

Let’s look at the individual movements:
Wall balls – the reps per round are totally manageable, the 5 reps should be unbroken.
Handstand Push-ups – right after your wall balls, kick up to a handstand and try for 3 connected kipping HSPU.
→ If HSPU is a weakness, avoid failed attempts, split the reps up to make them successful each time. Do not waste energy!
Power Cleans – This is the major decider whether you can go Rx or need to scale. Even If your 1RM is close to this number, opt to scale the weight down, since your arms will be fatigued and will influence your grip.

At a competitor’s level, you’re looking at the 16 minute range. For us mere mortals, anything between 27 to 31 minutes is more likely.

Beyond the Whiteboard: