WOD | 20.04.2017

In WOD, WOD Amsterdam Buitenveldert by Dave

4′ minutes to perform each workout.
Rest 4′ minutes between each.
1> 800m Run
Max Reps Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 42,5/30kg
2> 800m Run
Max Reps Thrusters 42,5/30kg
3> 800m Run
Max Reps Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
4> 800m run
Max Reps Overhead Squat 42,5/30kg
*the Run should be a sort of sprint

AMRAP in 5′
Power Clean Ladder
10 reps 60/40kg
8 reps 70/45kg
6 reps 80/55kg
4 reps 90/60kg
Remainig time AMRAP 100/70kg
*Rest 5′ and then again.