Pull-up Clinic at Mobilis CrossFit

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A pull-up for everybody!

Those kipping and butterfly pull-ups, it looks cool and goes nice and fast, but how do I learn or improve these movements?

What do I need to do to finally nail that first strict pull-up? And when is it ok to move from strict to kipping? And from kipping to butterfly? But most importantly, how to get there without getting injured?
We are here to help!

On Saturday the 29th of April at 01:00PM, Mobilis is organizing a specialty WOD of about 90 minutes after the regular WODs, in which we will teach you all about the strict, kipping and butterfly pull-ups.
First off, we’ll explain why it’s so important to continue working on strength and conditioning before adding speed and momentum to a movement. Our physiotherapist Daphne will explain the why and how.
We then move on to a general warm-up and will then divide up into 3 groups to work on the particular pull-up you don’t master yet or want to improve on.

You will also be given some homework, so you’ll be able to continue to work on your skills on your own, and show off some amazing pull-ups skills!
Be there and sign up in SportBit/ CrossBit and be the best in pull ups!

The coaches!