The GMB Seminar

As most of you already knew, coaches Dave, Bas & Sabine attended the GMB Seminar in the weekend of April 21st to 23rd.
GMB Fitness was founded in 2010 by Ryan Hurst to “focus on building strength, flexibility, and motor control to bridge the fitness gap between capability and ability”

They offer online programming on various skills and give seminars worldwide to fitness and movement enthusiasts, with the goal to help people attain Physical Autonomy.

The seminar
During the seminar, they outlined the levels of Physical Autonomy:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Control

In order to achieve SFC, you need to approach every training session as follows:
Assessment – What is your starting point:
How strong are you now? How flexible are you now? How much motor control do you have now?
During the first day of the seminar, the main focus was placed on Assessment, through 3 movements, the Bear, Monkey and Frogger. We spent a lot of time crawling on the floor.

The next step would be:
Address – Work on the things that need attention, before adding difficulty to a movement.
This was the outline of day 2, again spending a lot of time in the Bear, Monkey and Frogger. More crawling 😉

After Assessing and Addressing, it’s time to Apply your skills, which was covered in day 3, skills become more complex and we covered multiple movements, such as handstands, cartwheels (also for bailing out of a handstand) pull-ups and muscle-ups.

The take-away for us as coaches
Like we already implement in our own coaching approach (and tell you ALL the time): Start with the basics. Strict strength is the foundation for every movement and should be addressed first, but also maintained at all times. Master strict before adding any dynamics!
We all found some new progressions & movements that we could translate into training and warm-ups.

More info?
Read all about the GMB method here:
And the 11 Fundamental exercises:

And don’t be surprised if you are asked to get into a “Frogger” position in the near future 🙂