Benchmark Blog: Jackie

Jackie, a beautiful combination of mono-structural, weightlifting and gymnastics:

For time:
1000m row
50 thrusters 20/15kg
30 pull-ups

This workout not only requires efficient rowing technique and endurance, but also strategy. Going too fast too soon, will result in an early breakdown of stamina, but waiting too long might cost you valuable seconds.
Let’s have a look at the individual movements.

The Row
Ideally, you already know beforehand what your 1000m row time is. If this is unknown, just be aware that this is not intended as an all-out effort.
Start your row with a quick sprint, about 15 strokes that are quick and aggressive, to pick up speed. Continue with long, powerful strokes, that allow recovery after every pull. Effort should feel somewhere between 80-90%
At about 200-100m left, start backing off the pace, allowing you to get off the rower comfortably, and go straight into the thrusters.

The first 15-20 reps should go smooth, and slightly slower than you think they should be. After 20, try picking up the pace and avoid resting the bar too long on your shoulders. Remember to exhale at the top of every rep.
Break the reps up in blocks of 10 in your mind, but aim to go unbroken.

The Pull-ups
While moving to the pull-up bar, take deep breaths, expanding your ribcage.
How you do your pull-ups, depends on your skill level. If you have consistent kipping pull-ups, stick to them. If you are at the beginning stage of butterfly, still stick to kipping. Avoid half reps, break a set 1 rep sooner, before failure.

Jason Khalipa set a world record in the 2013 Regionals with 5:04:

Samantha Briggs in 6:05:

Again, for the mere mortals a time between the 9-11 minutes would be a great score.

As you can probably guess, this is a fast, high intensity workout. No time for water breaks, shuffling around and such. Move quickly between stations.