Benchmark Blog: Nate

In NewsX by SabineWeijers

Named after Chief petty Officer Nate Hardy, this is a time priority workout:

AMRAP (As Many reps As Possible)
in 20 minutes of
2 Muscle Ups
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg

To Rx or not Rx?
This workout has some advanced movements, you either can do them, or you can’t.
In the case of not Rx, approach this workout as a training opportunity for your weaknesses and worry less about the amount of rounds. To rush through the movements simply to get a high score on the board, is truly pointless in this case.

Muscle Ups
These are ring Muscle Ups, and if you have solid Ring Muscle Ups under your belt, these should go fairly fast and smooth.
For those that don’t have them yet, the trainer will provide you with a suitable scaling option.

Handstand Push Ups
You can do these either strict or kipping. Options for scaling are pike Handstand Push Ups, from a box or a Push Press. Ensure you always go for full range of motion!

Kettlebell Swings
The standard is to go fully overhead, but don’t underestimate them! The weight is heavy, and your arms are under constant fatigue.
Options to scale: reduce the weight or Russian style swings.

Don’t go out the gate too fast. 20 CrossFit minutes are an eternity. Keep a steady pace, the reps are on the low side for each movement, so no need to “sprint” from movement to movement.

If you’re in the top-level, you’re looking at 20+ rounds (Rx). For most of us, we’re probably looking at a score between 9-11.

Good luck!