Benchmark Blog: Manion

Named after Travis Manion, this is a task-priority workout:

As Fast As Possible
7 rounds
400m run
29 back squats 61/43 kg

Why this rep scheme? 1st. Lt. Travis Manion got fatally wounded by an enemy sniper on April 29th, 2007.
More info on him here:

The run
For most of us, this will be the recovery or the time winning part. But don’t approach this as a sprint, especially in the first few rounds.

The back squat
The weight is light, allowing us to move either unbroken, or with short pauses in between.
Avoid racking the weight or putting it down. Getting the bar back on your shoulders to start again can easily cost you 20-30 seconds or more of time. When breaking up, a possible way is 10-10-9.

Again, this is not going to be a sprint, but keep a consistent pace, that keeps your breathing and heart rate medium elevated.

Think somewhere around 5 minutes per round, which would be a great goal.
Top finishing times go sub 25 minutes. Some examples:
Jacob Heppner in 24:19
Chandler Smith in 24:30

Good luck!