Benchmark Blog: Daniel

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This task-priority workout appeared first on mainsite on June 15, 2006:

AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
50 pull-ups
400m run
21 thrusters 43/29kg
800m run
21 thrusters 43/29kg
400m run
50 pull-ups

Known as a “down and back chipper”, there is work bookended around a 800 meter run in the middle.

The pull-ups
If you have the butterfly technique down, this will be a huge benefit, saving a massive amount of time. People who aren’t proficient enough in their pull-ups, will most likely be scaled to ring rows or toenail pull-ups.

With that said, we are looking to find the appropriate volume here. If you are still on the pull-up bar at the 3:00 mark, let’s time cap our efforts here and continue to move into the workout. At that point, the stimulus here has been met, and any additional time can actually be detrimental to recovery. Modifying to 30 reps or 40 repetitions to complete the work under 3:00 is the right move.
Opening up “Daniel”, we don’t want to reach absolute pull-up failure. Although it’s very impressive to aim after 50 pull-ups unbroken, what is more important a straight set here is the following: 400m run, 21 Thrusters, 800 meter run, 21 thrusters, 400 meter run. That’s the workout. Planned, short breaks on this first set of 50 is absolutely an option, with of course many repetition schemes varying from athlete to athlete. Knowing oneself, let’s choose a repetition scheme that allows us to consistently break this first 50 apart.

The run
On both distances you’d want to keep a moderate pace, increasing the tempo on the last 400m.
The running is important in “Daniel”, as it’s the transitions. In total, it is one mile of running. There will be separation between athletes here by not only speed, but transitions. We do talk about this often, because it is truly a significant difference in times. Just for the sake of some talking points, let’s list out some imaginary numbers.
A fast runner in Daniel may complete the mile total of running in 7:00.
A very good runner, but not as fast as the above, may complete the total in 7:30.
We are all very aware of how time slides by so quickly with a walk (instead of a jog) to the bar, that extra chalk break, or any mix in between. The fast runner, despite completing the “work” faster than the good runner, can very easily be beat in six transitions in this workout… even if they were identical on the pull-up rig and thruster barbell.

Choose a weight that you need to break a maximum of 3 times. A good rep scheme could be 11-10 or 10-6-5. Go unbroken, but steady if possible.

Unlike what you might assume at first, this could actually be a fast workout. But that is only possible if you have a big engine and flawless butterfly pull-ups.
Superhumans like Patrick Vellner can finish this in under 12 minutes.

Most of us will end up in the 19-23 minute range.