WOD | 28.11.2017

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AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)
Behind the Neck Jerks

Strength WOD
Muscle Up cycles:
Practice: Review Toe Nail Spot
A> 15×1 Toe Nail Transition
B> 10x Max Effort Ring Pull Up Hold (or max 60″sec)
*This means pulling all the way to sternum and hold, not just chin over rings, use false grip. If not possible? Use assistance to reach the sternum and do negatives as slow as possible 10x.
C> 10x Max Effort Ring Support (or 45″sec), bottom position.
*Hold the deepest part of your dip unassisted.
D> Ring Pull Up (w/ false grip if possible)

Choose a day this week where you do the following;
A> Ring Pull Up (Try to go strict)
B: Ring Dip (Try to go strict)