CrossFit Lite

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A CrossFit Lite WOD (Workout Of The Day) has the same ingredients as the regular WOD (functional movements, constantly varied with relatively high intensity), but without complex movements and no heavy weights. We train on the proper execution of the movements. First correct mechanics, then being consistent with correct mechanics and only then do we make it more difficult.

We focus on the basic movements in CrossFit. We’ll focus on condition and body control. First the basics.

Many people want to experience the pleasure and versatility of CrossFit but may be intimidated by what they see through YouTube or something similar. This is completely understandable if you see what athletic monsters are doing with these types of tournaments. But we are not those ninja’s.

With the CrossFit Lite WODs we want to prepare the starting CrossFitter for the regular WODs. For after a month or for ever in the future if you want to.

Who are the CrossFit Lite WODs for?
These lessons are for everyone who:
– thinks he/she has to be “fit” to start CrossFit
– is intimidated of the image they have of CrossFit
– is not fit and want to become fitter
– have not done anything with sport for a long time
– has never exercised and has zero condition
– young, old, fat or thin.
Everyone can start.

With these WODs we will ensure that you can train more intensively but at your pace. We encourage you and look for your sport potential. The CrossFit Lite WODs are non-complex, 60-minute training, where the coach guides you from start to finish. From warming up to cooling down. We challenge you, but you do not do anything you can not handle.

The CrossFit Lite WODs will have no complex movements such as Handstand Push Ups, Muscle Ups, Olympic lifts o.i.d. We stay with the basics where the focus is on fitness and physical exercise, flexibility and perseverance. We introduce a Medicine Ball, a Kettlebell and an empty rod every now and then. We also want you to know that the CrossFit Lite lessons are a starting point. The goal is that you, when you are ready, go to the regular CrossFit lessons with the more advanced exercises. If you want to continue to the regular classes can be different per person. One will continue to one month and another will prefer to stay in training for 8 months. Everything on your own level.


  1. Start-Up Month € 65.00 Amstel | € 55,00 Buitenveldert
    Duration: one month
    Access: Unlimited access to CrossFit Lite lessons
    * the Start-Up Month is after the Free Trial Week and is mandatory for anyone who wants to start CrossFit.
    The WODs take place in the CrossFit Lite WODs where you learn the basics.
  2. CrossFit Lite membership € 85.00 Amstel € 59.00 Buitenveldert
    Duration: Cancellable monthly on the first of the month with one month notice period.
    Access: Unlimited access to all CrossFit Lite lessons
    * This membership is a possible follow-up after the Preparation month.