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On the 11th of January we Inroduced Mobilis CrossFit Bingo at the New Years WOD! Above you find all the ‘Bingo’s’ you can collect!

If you don’t have a card, ask your CrossFit coach!

The game will run from 11 january – 24 march 2019

You have 3* opportunities to win:
1. 1 completed line
2. 3 completed lines
3. Full board black out

1 line is 3rd price: Mobilis CrossFit apparel

3 lines is 2nd price: A month free CF

Full cart is 1st price: Nike Met-Cons

apperael3 lines is 2nd price: A month free CFFull cart is 1st price: Nike Met-Cons

Your Bingo card will remain at the box and your squares (once a day) can only be marked by a MCF Coach. You can receive one squares a day.

At the end of the game at the CF open 2019 (during the BBQ on March 24) your name will go into 1 of 3 lucky draws depending on your completed line/s. 
Serious prices to win! More info will follow! Real serious!!!

*Your name can only be added to one of the 3 draws.