Power Monkey experience

In CrossFit dingen waar we meer over willen weten by Mobilis CrossFit

By coach Sabine

On march 2 & 3 2019, the crew from Power Monkey Fitness will make their way to Amsterdam, and will share their knowledge and skill during a 2-day clinic hosted at Mobilis Amstel.

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In October of 2017, I was fortunate enough to attend the Power Monkey Camp.

Power Monkey Camp is a week-long, all-inclusive fitness camp for athletes of all levels. Camp hosts some of the world’s top coaches, experts, and athletes in their respective sports along with a diverse set of participants.

Participants rotate through 10 stations – rowing, gymnastics (bar, rings, handstand), weightlifting (squat, C&J, snatch), jump rope technique, and kettlebells. All of the stations are presented from a foundational level with a focus on learning the basics with correct technique. The schedule is packed with special guest lectures, panel discussions, Olympian demos and expert lead activities. The goal of Camp is to build your foundational understanding of movement and give you the skills to train safely, effectively, and for the rest of your life.

Remember that movie, Dirty Dancing? Taking place in a summer camp, I had similar expectations before my departure. Not the dancing part, but the camp part, being tucked away somewhere in nature, staying in cabins and eating together in the main dining hall. Well guess what, it was exactly like that, but then for the people obsessed with CrossFit, gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and anything in between. For some this might sound like hell, but it was pure heaven for me.

On day 1, you were assembled in teams, and these would be the people you’d be hanging out with most during the entire week. Every morning after an amazing breakfast, the schedule of the day would be announced in the main hall and then all teams would break out into these activities for the day.

An idea of a typical day at the camp:

  • Morning session: Olympic Lifting with Chad Vaughn
  • Afternoon session: Jump rope session with the guys from RxSmart

Another highlight was a visit to CrossFit Mayhem, the box owned by Rich Froning. We did a WOD run by his cousin, Darren Hunsucker and the legendary Chris Hinshaw.

There would be a breakfast, lunch and dinner provided every day and evening entertainment, like seminars, movies and campfires. The last day was a competition day, where all teams would compete against each other in 3 separate team workouts.

In summary, this camp is every CrossFitters dream, you get to spend an entire week surrounded by like minded people, learning from the pros. Most people know each other well, since they visit the camp every year.

This coming March, the founder of Power Monkey, Dave Durante and Mike Cerbus, will make their way to Amsterdam for the Power Monkey Combo Clinic,  hosted at Mobilis CrossFit Amstel. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experts in gymnastics and weightlifting!