The CrossFit Open

In Evenementen by Mobilis CrossFit

Yesssss, it is that time again. The Open of the CrossFit Games is around the corner. Pablo and Dave already talked about this in the Podcast (listen here (in Dutch;)).

But do you all actually know what “The CrossFit Open” is?
The Open is the largest fitness competition on the planet. From Thursday, March 11, a workout will be announced every week (3 weeks in a row) by Dave Castro, THE man behind the CrossFit Games. The workouts have different levels which means that EVERYONE can participate. You can change the level per week. There is even a No Equipment version that you can do at home.

The great thing about The Open is that we can compare our results with all other participants around the world who participate and/or with your buddy from the box. The Open creates the best “get together” moment and you know what i am talking about if you have participated in previous years with us. The Open is also a great time to test your fitness level, whether you’ve just started or are a “seasoned” CrossFitter. In our podcast about The Open you can hear a good example of Dave what we mean with this. So NO … you don’t have to be fit to participate.

The Open is super fun and awesome to do. Also (and certainly) in these weird times. It’s incredibly motivating. Many old PR’s have been destroyed in previous years. These workouts will push you further than you are used to otherwise.

We see enough ingredients to register you for The Open.
You can register here.

We host The Open at Amstel on:
Saturday March 13, March 20 and March 27.
These Saturdays we have extended opening hours so that as many people as possible can participate.
If you can not come? Then you can certainly do the No Equipment version at home that week.

The Friday prior to, you can register for a spot in Sportbit and we will take care of the rest.

Watch this video about the open!