WODs Week 1

In WOD by SabineWeijers

Calendar for January 2024:
January 1: Closed
January 13th: Bring A Friend Day
January 26th: Dragos Memorial WOD (Open Gym will be closed)

WOD | 02.12.2024
The Story of Fran by Greg Glassman
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thruster 43/30 kg

WOD | 03.12.2024
For Time:
10-9-8… 1.
Left Arm Kettlebell Snatch 24/16kg
Right Arm Kettlebell Snatch
1-2-3… 10
Burpee Box Jumps Over 24/20In.

WOD | 04.12.2024

After each set complete:
5 Broad Jumps for max distance
Bike calories as fast as possible

Rest 3 minutes between sets.

Men: 10 Cal
Women: 8 Cal

Goal: Power

Score is heaviest Deadlift, longest Broad Jump and
fastest Bike time

WOD | 05.12.2024
21-15-9 For Time Of:
Box Step Ups 2×22.5/15kg
Push Presses 2×22.5/15kg
Toes To Bar

WOD | 06.12.2024
Front Squats

WOD | 07.12.2024
14 Minute AMRAP w/Buddy:
7 Sandbag Over Shoulder 150/100lb.
7 Strict Handstand Push Ups

* I Go, You Go per round