Warming-up for Workout 24.1

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2 sets:
:20 jumping jacks
:20 mountain climbers
:20 Superman arch-ups
:20 up-downs
:20 jumping squats

5 dumbbell lowers to above the knee + stand/arm
–> Hips initiate back while maintaining a flat back and flat feet.

5 dumbbell deadlift + shrugs/arm
–> Hips open fully as the shoulders shrug.

5 dumbbell hang sumo deadlift high pulls/arm
–> Hips opening while maintaining a solid midline as the elbows move higher than the dumbbell.

5 dumbbell power snatches/arm
–> Hips opening while keeping the dumbbell close to the body and then punching to the overhead position.

1 set:
5 dumbbell snatches, arm 1
5 lateral burpees over the dumbbell
5 dumbbell snatches, arm 2
5 lateral burpees over the dumbbell

180 reps in total
45 snatches per arm
90 burpees in total

  • Almost 50% of total reps comes in the first round of 21
  • In order to finish, the round of 21 needs to be completed in 7 minutes
  • Pace of the reps has to be <5 seconds across the entire WOD
  • Start the snatches with your non-dominant hand each round
  • Break the snatches in the rounds of 21/15 if need to maintain pace on the burpees
  • Save gas for the round of 9’s. Pedal to the metal on the final 36 reps
  • Stay low on the ground for the burpees.