Warming-up for Workout 24.2

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2 sets on the rower:
:30 easy pace
:20 moderate pace
:10 fast pace
– Perform sets straight through for 2:00 of work.
Focus on driving through the legs. The rowing order you can follow is Legs > Upperbody/Arms in the drive followed by Arms/Upperbody > Legs.

3 sets:
5 elbow-to-instep/leg
5 unweighted good mornings
5 step-back lunges/leg
5 single-leg toe touches/leg
:30 jump rope



  1. Hands at shoulder width.
  2. Feet between hips and shoulder width.
  3. Shoulders slightly in front of the bar.
  4. Arch chest up to maintain lumbar curve.
  5. Heels down.

Set 1: 7 Deadlifts > proper setup light load
Set 2: 7 Deadlifts > proper setup, little bit more weight, keep the bar close on the way down
Set 3: 7 Deadlifts > again little bit more weight, focus on pushing the hip back on the way down
Set 4: 7 Deadlifts > From ground to knees to feel a relative constant torso angle
Set 5: 7 Deadlifts > Add again more weight, build up to workout weight and maintain neutral spine position


3 sets, (may be still building to) workout load:
10 pulls on the rower
5 deadlifts
10 double-unders
– Rest long enough between sets to add load to the barbell.


  • In order to complete 7 rounds, you have to maintain a pace that is 3 min or less per round
  • Men should aim for a 1:00-1:10 row
  • Women should aim for a 1:05-1:20 row
  • Don’t waste time adjusting the footstraps, keep them loose, so you can get in and out quick.
  • Use a mixed grip with the deadlifts to reduce grip fatigue
  • Thumbs on top of the rower handle
  • This is a double-under workout, your skill level dictates your score. Tripping too much will cost you a lot of time.