CrossFit Lite

A CrossFit Lite WOD (Workout Of the Day) has the same ingredients as a regular CrossFit WOD (functional movements, constant varied done at relative high intensity), but without complex movements and no heavy weights. Our first focus is moving with the right mechanics with the basic movements. Then we want you to be consistent with the right mechanics and only then we’ll make it harder.

We will focus on the basic movements in CrossFit, conditioning and body control. First the basics. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

A lot of people want to experience the fun and versatility of CrossFit but are intimidated by what they see on YouTube or whatever. That’s something that we totally understand. Of course, the moment you see those atletic animals participating in those competitions? You will be intimidated. But that’s less then 1% of the population. That’s not us “normal” people.

With these CrossFit Lite WOD’s we will prepare everybody for the regular WOD’s.

The CrossFit Lite WOD’s are fore everybody:
– who is intimidated about what they see and think about CrossFit.
– who is not fit but wants to get fitter.
– who did not do any sport for a long time.
– who never did any sport at all.
– young, old, overweight or to skin.
Everybody can start.

With the CrossFit Lite WOD’s we will make sure that you will be able to train on a higher level (you will get fitter) but you will move at your own pace. We will encourage you and we’ll find your sport potential.

The CrossFit Lite WOD’s are not complex, 60’ minuts workouts. The coach will guide you from start to finish. From warming up to cooling down. We will challenge you but you won’t do anything you can not do.

These CrossFit Lite WOD’s will not have complex movements like Handstand Push Ups, Muscle Ups, olympic lifts etc. We stick to the basics and our focus is conditioning and body control, flexibility and stamina. We will introduce a Medicine Ball, a Kettlebell and from time to time an empty barbell.

Also we want you to know that these CrossFit Lite WOD’s are a starting moment. The goal is to get ready for the regular WOD’s with the more complexe movements. The moment to advance to the regular WOD can be different by each person. One could advance after a month, somebody else after 8 months and maybe another person never wants to advance. We offer CrossFit for all levels.