Hello, my name is Albert and I have a borderline pathological addiction to coffee. Plus I like to lift heavy things, teach others to lift things and watch while they do cardio.

Back in the old days (2012), I owned one of the largest CrossFit boxes in Africa, which I sadly had to close down. Since then I’ve been wandering around South Africa, coaching at a variety of other gyms, all the while looking for a new home. Who knew it took moving to the other side of the planet to find my new CF family!

Regarding the boring technicalities, I am a qualified sport scientist and also hold a degree in sport psychology. I also have a smattering of diplomas and certificates in everything from sports video analysis to nutrition.

My approach to coaching is to release live rattlesnakes into class, lock the doors and watch gleefully as you run around in circles. That, and applying scientific methodology to elicit the greatest physiological adaptation and combining it with knowledge gleaned from experts in their field to build up positional strength, work capacity and kinaesthetic awareness.

But seriously though, the coffee is a problem. Please help me.

Questions? Mail to info@mobiliscrossfit.nl