Daphne van der Wereld | Physiotherapist/Manual Therapist

From AMRAP to AFAP, and from Murph to Angie: CrossFit for me is the ultimate way to blow off some steam. The box is the place where I can drive myself to the max and walk away refreshed and energized.

I’ve been working at Mobilis Physiotherapy for 5 years already as a physiotherapist, where since a few years a CrossFit box has been located, enabling me to treat CrossFit athletes as well.

Do you run into issues and injuries during an overhead squat, shoulder press or deadlift? Any injuries from the past or is your performance limited due to pains and aches? Allow me to treat and help you onto the road to recovery.

My goal is to help each CrossFit athlete perform their functional movement workouts in a fit or even fitter way.

For any question or if you want to schedule an appointment you can send an email to fysiotherapie@mobiliscrossfit.nl. I’m happy to help!

I will be present @ Mobilis CrossFit Amsterdam Amstel every Thursday between 17:00 hours and 19:00 hours (5pm and 7pm).

Graduating Manual Therapist:
– Manual Therapist
– Participated CF-L1 course
– Dry Needling
– Trauma Network