Diederik Geraedts | Physiotherapist/Manual therapist

CrossFit Level-1 (CF-L1) Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Course

Addictive, competitive, results, variation, moving boundaries, but mostly: fun! These words come to mind when I think about CrossFit.

Why do shoulder injuries occur during presses?What causes knee issues during squats? How do I prevent back injuries during deadlifts? Why do wrists hurt in the front rack position?

As a manual therapist, I look at CrossFit from a professional standpoint. By combining this knowledge and the CrossFit methodology (CF Level-1 Trainer, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Mobility) I kept developing myself as a professional.

Whether you’re a top-level athlete, recreational or dealing with an illness, varied, functional movement is the foundation for a proper physical endurance.

Eventually, the ultimate goal is to help every athlete move at maximum ability following CrossFit’s philosophy:

Functional movement, constantly varied at high intensity, with safety as a main objective.

HOURS Location Amstel: Wednesday 5pm – 7pm.

For any question or if you want to schedule an appointment you can send an email to fysiotherapie@mobiliscrossfit.nl.

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