CrossFit Conjugate Methods Course

This course is for the athlete and trainer interested in learning the methods used by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell and incorporating them into training. Participants learn about the Conjugate System: how to vary exercises, volume and loading to develop top-end strength. Emphasis is placed on the three major lifts: back squat, deadlift and bench press, although instruction is applicable to all strength training. The course also includes information on numerous assistance exercises and accommodating resistance (box squats, bands for lifts, sleds, ropes, etc.). All methods can be used with CrossFit to help increase one’s overall fitness.

The Conjugate Methods Course teaches participants to:

  1. Understand how to develop special strength from explosive strength, speed strength and strength speed, as well as to understand the velocities at which they are trained.
  2. Use the power lifts with proper technique and select the correct special exercises to enhance the CrossFit athlete.
  3. Increase loads on the Olympic lifts by special means and accommodating resistance.
  4. Apply the concepts of the Conjugate System by revolving large and small exercises, as well as to understand proper loading of volume and how to change intensity zones.
  5. Know how to apply a circa-max wave and use the delayed-transformation phase leading into competition.
  6. Properly incorporate plyometric training into CrossFit training.

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jul 21 2018 - jul 22 2018


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