Hans van der Perk | Coach

CrossFit Level-1 (CF-L1) Trainer
CrossFit Level-2 (CF-L2) Trainer
CrossFit Weightifting Course
CrossFit Weightlifting Advanced Course
CrossFit Powerlifting Course
CrossFit Gymnastic Course
CrossFit Gymnastic Advanced Course
CrossFit Football Course
CrossFit Kettlebell Course
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Course
CrossFit Strongman Course
CrossFit Kids Course
CrossFit Online Judge Course (’14, ’15, ’16)
CrossFit Competitors Course
CrossFit Defense Course
CrossFit Endurance Course
CrossFit Rowing Course
CrossFit Striking Course

CrossFit Scaling Course
CrossFit Anatomy Course

TOP Level C Trainer en Mylogenics Advanced Practioner
Pre & Postnatal Strength CEU Seminar

Starting out as a business economist, but knowing deep down that I wanted to do something else, my sister and brother-in-law inspired me to get into fitness at the age of 35. I immediately followed several courses covering nutrition, training and coaching. I met Dave during a kettlebell course in 2010 and he started telling me all about CrossFit and after visiting Mobilis Fitness, his enthusiasm inspired me to follow a CrossFit level-1 (CF-L1) Trainer Course together with Diederik. I can honestly say that Dave has been my inspirator. By the end of 2011, I started doing CrossFit at Mobilis Fitness, and also coaching several classes. After that I also started coaching CrossFit classes at the fitness center my sister and brother-in-law own in Asperen. We turned into an official affiliate in 2013.

My objective is to continue gather knowledge and share this knowledge to maintain or improve the general health of people. Make makes CrossFit so different is that it triggers the intrinsic motivation in people. It’s inspiring and it enhances a sense of belonging. Everyone is equal, no ego’s, they just wants to get better, but not at the cost of others. Getting better is celebrated and I hope to contribute to this at both Mobilis CrossFit and CrossFit Asperen.

Questions? Mail to coach@mobiliscrossfit.nl