• Step 1:

    Click here and register yourself. You will receive an email to activate your account. The moment you finished the registration your Free Trial Week (FTW) starts immediately. Now login, and choose your trainings moments you want to try out.

  • Step 2:

    Finished the Free Trial Week and want to start?
    Start your Start-Up Month. In the Start-Up Month you will attend the CrossFit Lite classes. These are made to teach you the movements you will see in CrossFit. We will not include complex movements to make sure you start your journey sound and safe. We will focus on basic movements, conditioning and body controle. Every CrossFit athlete starts here.
    Costs €57 (Buitenveldert) €68 (Amstel) for a month w/ unlimited acces to CrossFit Lite classes.
    Check our Timetable.

  • Step 3:

    Now that we have taught you the basic movements you have 2 choices.
    First choice is that you continue in the CrossFit Lite classes because these WOD’s are just the perfect fit for you at the moment.
    Choose a CrossFit Lite membership.
    The second choice is that you continue and advance to the regular WOD’s.
    Choose one of our regular memberships.
    After the first month you can upload your membership whenever you like to a regular membership.
    To choose a membership please login to Sportbit with you account.

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