Jeroen Krak | Coach

CrossFit Level-1 (CF-L1) Trainer
CrossFit Level-2 (CF-L2) Trainer

The first time i came in contact with fitness was when i was 17. I had to stop playing soccer because of an accident and started working out 5 times a week from my 18th. Pretty quick i started to get so enthusiastic and my passion for fitness was born. I coach and train people for almost 10 years now.

4 years ago i started my own fitness platform Model Workout ( An online environment where workout, food and coaching come together.

Januari 2014 i came in contact with a CrossFit box near my home, Mobilis CrossFit location Buitenveldert. The environment, the atmosphere, the people and especially the workouts were an immediate addiction. My CrossFit journey started there, with two big bearded coaches in front of you teaching at the best of their abilities to help improve peoples fitness.

Yes, this is what i like.

After 2 years coach Dave asked me to join the Mobilis team and become also a coach for Mobilis CrossFit. There was no doubt and YES was the answer.

So, let’s get even fitter than we are.

See you in one of the boxes.

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